Rasta Grace

Rasta Grace comes out to her car this morning to find… wait for it… a used condom! She picks it up (yucky!) and confronts her cheating, free-loading, verbally and physically abusive bf. He has a look of shock and then says that he lent their (her) car to a friend for an hour the night before. So she drives in a fury to find and confront his friend. In front of everyone she screams and rants. How dare he have sex in her car! Later that day the ‘friend’ comes to visit her. Her bf had called him and asked him to do him a ‘solid.’ He never borrowed her car. He was never in it! Who to believe? The lying, cheating bf or the friend who has nothing to gain by lying? ‘Everyone is out to break us up’ Oh Rasta Grace! At least he’s practicing safe sex.


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