Rasta Grace

Rasta Grace comes out to her car this morning to find… wait for it… a used condom! She picks it up (yucky!) and confronts her cheating, free-loading, verbally and physically abusive bf. He has a look of shock and then says that he lent their (her) car to a friend for an hour the night before. So she drives in a fury to find and confront his friend. In front of everyone she screams and rants. How dare he have sex in her car! Later that day the ‘friend’ comes to visit her. Her bf had called him and asked him to do him a ‘solid.’ He never borrowed her car. He was never in it! Who to believe? The lying, cheating bf or the friend who has nothing to gain by lying? ‘Everyone is out to break us up’ Oh Rasta Grace! At least he’s practicing safe sex.


What are you waiting for?

I know what it’s like to be in love. Utterly, completely, over-the-moon, all consuming love. But I also have self respect and love for myself. So much damage is caused when one stops loving themselves in the pursuit of love for another. Stop and think for a minute. He will never love you if you can’t even love yourself. He will lie to you, use you, cheat on you and disrespect you.

Hot off the Facebook Press

This just in: water board girl’s relationship status just went from “in a relationship” to “single”. This just days after her professing her love on a status update. Well, that didn’t last long!
Love, er, lust is out at sea! The caye has been busy! A person in charge has been reported as snuggling up to a good friend’s bf. A beverage slinger whose wife is back on the mainland was seen doing more than pouring drinks with a boatload of Hondurian hotties who charge for their services. And in between keeping the books, another has her hands full of not one, but two long dreaded gentlemen. One comes for the weekend and as soon as he leaves, another moves in. You go bookkeeper girl! Go get yours.

Breakfast Talk

A certain soon-to-be-babymama’s bf spotted out at the bar with the soon-to-be-babymama’s cousin!  The cousin was sitting on his lap, taking photos of the two of them together  and dancing away.  Coincidence that the soon-to-be-babymama was out-of-town and the cousin was IN town visiting at the same time?  What timing!  Will these photos ever surface?  In other news, 35-year-old bartender is “in love” with 18 year clerk at the water board.  What does a grown man have in common with a child?  Apparently he likes the food at a certain restaurant and takes her there for lunch.  Well of course he likes the food there as he used to live with the cook.  He’s used to her “seasoning!”  The last girl who was devoted to him took him under her care when he was recovering from a car accident only to find him “recovering” with another girl!  Poor girl was so devastated that she moved out of the village.  Be careful water board girl!